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Cyrano de Bergerac

The Mentors Project at The Jericho Arts Centre

“I could see the centre of this production of Cyrano de Bergerac so clearly that its beauty moved me to tears…

Adam Henderson plays the title character with simple dignity and understated wit. Many interpretations are more florid, but Henderson’s take pays off. I have never been so touched by the dilemma of the brave brilliant man who believes that he is unlovable because of his big nose… Although Cyrano fights off a hundred swordsmen at a time, it’s the small gestures in Henderson’s characterization that resonate: the almost concealed collapse in his chest when he realizes that Roxana loves another; the instant communication of large-heartedness and despair in the tender way Cyrano uses the back of his forefinger to stroke the bridge of Christian’s handsome nose.

Henderson finds the poetic passion of Anthony Burgesses exquisite translation, too – most tellingly, I think, in the speech in which Cyrano declares that he is a tree not a vine: ugly but independent.”

Colin Thomas in The Georgia Straight

Peer Gynt

Blackbird Theatre at The Vancouver East Cultural Centre

Best Production of 2007 Jess Award

“Adam Henderson’s tap-dancing Mephistopheles is simply a “must see” creation, earning a spontaneous ooh of applause from the audience.”
– Colin Thomas Georgia Straight

“Outstanding performances… but it’s Adam Henderson’s Mephistophelean, gay and fey Thin Man that won spontaneous opening night Applause”
– Jo Ledingham, The Vancouver Courier

Stones In His Pockets

Okanagan Stage, Pentincton

“Adam Henderson and Johan Helf, play 15 different characters… these actors brilliantly embody the lives of each individual. Henderson who has appeared in stages across Canada the US and Great Britain including at The Royal National Theatre, is a wonder to behold. His vocal technique, his fluid movement and his emotional range show us just how highly skilled an actor need be to work in those settings… What a treat to see an actor of this caliber on stage in Penticton… Stones in his Pockets is a tour de force.”

David Stocks in The Penticton Herald

Mary Stewart

Blackbird Theatre at The Vancouver East Cultural Centre

“Mary Stuart seethes revenge, drips blood and ultimately sobs regret. It’s a masterpiece of political intrigue vibrating with contemporary resonance…Blackbird Theatre Company’s inaugural production… has a lot to prove (and) delivered thrills…

In the evening’s finest scene, Elizabeth abdicates her power twice, saying the “people” are to blame for her signing Mary’s death warrant as she hands the “paper” over to the neophyte bureaucrat Davison (Adam Henderson, in a hilariously brilliant moment) to make the ultimate decision.”

A Skull In Connemara

Theatre Conspiracy at Performance Works

… this is a grand dark comedy and some of the best ensemble playing you’ll see …
Jo Ledingham, The Vancouver Courier

William Samples, Johann Helf, and Adam Henderson, all inhabit the play’s odd terrain with winning confidence and skill.
– Colin Thomas Georgia Straight

The acting is terrific, especially by the three men who deliver all the comic colours of the richly vulgar colloquial speech with its “feckin” this and “feckin” that.
– Jerry Wasserman, The Province

Jazz and the Blue Kitten

Soho Poly Theatre, London

“The fourth character is Jazz, a young painter who embodies something of the free, exciting, floating spirit of jazz. Thrillingly played by Adam Henderson, an actor with the features of a happy Tony Perkins, he energizes the play with yhis presence and zip, never standing up from a chair when he can leap over its back. “Baby, that cat eats electricity.”
Jeremy Kingston in The Times

“But the most impressive performance comes from Adam Henderson as Jazz, as a young man in love with his environment and engrossed in all his activities. Definitely a younf actor to watch”
Peter Hepple in The Stage

“Adam Henderson’s Jazz, rushing helter skelter in flashes of energy, radiates late innocence and perpetual excitement. It is an enthralling performance”
Nicholas de Jong in The Guardian

Death of a Salesman

Directed by Janet Suzman
Theatre Clewyd and UK Number 1 Tour
Evening Standard Award – 1993 – Best Play

“The central performances by Timothy West, Sheila Allen, Geordie Johnson, and Ada Henderson are detailed, complex, and intense… A perfect production.”
Francesca Turner in The Guardian


Mad Duck at the Jericho Arts Centre

“I also particularly enjoyed … the venality of Adam Henderson’s Brutus.”

The Lady’s Not For Burning

United Players at The Jericho Arts Centre

Apart from Fry’s scintillating text, the success of this United Players’ production lies in the charismatic and very strong performances of Adam Henderson and Alison Raine as Thomas and Jennet. Henderson, swirling a vast cloak over layers of faux suede and leather, is magnetic, sometimes even Puck-ish as he brings absolute chaos into the lives of the Mayor, the Chief Justice and the Chaplain.
Jo Ledingham in The Vancouver Courier