Actor: Resume

Adam Henderson, Actor

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CAEA, ACTRA, UBCP, British Equity

2133 Cypress St, Van. BC, V6J 3M3
604 739 3432


Hostile Waters (w/ Martin Sheen)
Unknown Things
Judge Dredd, (w/ Sylvester Stallone)
A Dangerous Man, (w/ Ralph Feinnes)
War Shepherds
La Neige et Le Feu

T. V.

Kingdom Hospital
The Collector “The Roboticist”
John Doe
Dark Angel “Designate This”
Cold Squad “Vancouver Confidential”
Chris Isaac Show “The Professionals”
Hollywood Offramp “On My List”
Goodnight Sweetheart
Stealing the Fire
Downtown Lagos
Words of Love
Animal Miracles

Theatre (selected)

Stones In His Pockets
Peer Gynt
Mary Stuart
A Skull In Connemara
The Lady’s Not For Burning
Dial “M” for Murder
Cyrano De Bergerac
Arturo UI (Best Actor nom, Jesse Award)
Romeo and Juliet
The Bonehouse (Best Actor nom, Sterling Award)
La Grande Magia
Women of Troy
Death of a Salesman (Eve. Standard Best Play, 94)
Assassins, (Eve. Standard Best Musical, 94)
Julia Pastrana-The Ugliest Woman in the World
The Woolgatherer
The Boys Next Door
Sly Fox
Angels Still Falling
Buddy (Original West End Cast)
The Normal Heart
All My Sons
Sexual Perversity in Chicago
Collected Works of Billy the Kid
Strange As An Angel
People Are Living There
Man Who Came To Dinner
Royal Hunt of the Sun
Measure for Measure

Skills: Fight choreography, accents, drums, sing, dance, Kung Fu, swordsman, unarmed combat, Tai Chi